Advanced Carbon Technology is the exclusive supplier of caloric and thermic lances from Japanese producer Daiwa for the European market segment. Oxygen and carbon blowing lances have been delivered by Advanced Carbon Technology to customers all over Europe. The main advantage of these lances is that they have a ceramic coating which could increase a lifetime of up to 5-7 times higher compared with regular “black-pipes”. In case special lengths are required we can arrange production of such custom-made pipes within short period. The usual sizes which are shown in the brochure are always on stock.

DAIWA CA LANCE A long-life lance for oxygen steel making. DAIWA CA LANCE is used not only for the melting and refining of steel by blowing oxygen gas, but is also used for the injection of carbon, lime and | or other additives. Daiwa CA lance has been used over 40 years around the world including USA, Japan and Europe. Current Daiwa CA lance is advanced and really customer oriented product.


  • Minimum consumption – The calorized layer and the refractory coating layer together generate the strong heat resistance and anti-oxidation to achieve minimum consumption of lance pipe to cut down your cost.
  • Superior quality – Strict quality control is made at each production process over the raw materials to the finished products.
  • Economical price – Low price with high quality is achieved through mass production at our most advanced factory.


  • Cutting steel scrap, melting and refining steel at electric arc furnance
  • Injection of carbon, lime powder and | or other additives for adjusting grades of carbon steel or special steel
  • Removing slag inside oxygen converter
  • Other uses which require strong resistance against heat, oxidation, sulfuration, vanadium attact, etc.

DAIWA SC LANCEA burning lance for cutting steel mass and slag DAIWA SC LANCE generates hight temperature of over 3 000 °C by burning itself, and melts solidified steel and slag on equipment.

USES | removal of:

  • Slag on the wall of ingot case
  • Pig iron at the iron notch of blast furnance
  • Slag in ladle
  • Steel-slag mixture at slag notch of blast furnance

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